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"They are TOP NOTCH, sound great.  I swear I heard a gobble while playing the thing in my living room, they are that good!!!!!!"

-Pete K.

Walnut Slate Sound Clip

"I REALLY like this call and will be proud to have it in my vest next spring.
You are a true craftsman and thanks again for the beautiful, great sounding call !!!"

-Steve S.

"Another Chain Reaction Game Calls Fan here....

I've got two of them now, one purple heart and one flame box elder! Quality and tone is superior! Not to mention they look great!"

-Jon B.

Chain Reaction Game Calls

Customer Appreciation!

What does this mean for you?

It means....after your first purchase of ANY product from CRGC, you will receive 15% off ALL products until the day that I turn my lathe off for good. If it wasn't for customers like you....I wouldn't be able to do what I love..........Make effective and affordable Game Calls, and help share my passion of the outdoors!

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I started Chain Reaction Game Calls in February 2015. With 23 years of turkey hunting experience, I have used what I've learned about the wild turkey to ensure a pot call that will perform in the hands of any hunter; experienced or novice. CRGC calls can be made to fit any budget, without sacrificing quality!  You owe it to yourself to own a truly custom, hand-made call. All CRGC calls are made by ONE person, ONE at a time, specifically for YOU. The satisfaction of taking that big 'ol longbeard with a call MADE JUST FOR YOU is reason enough! 

"Just received a pot call from Tom. Man, what a beautiful call and tight craftsmanship. Even the strikers are great looking. And the thing rings like it's plugged into an amp! Thanks Tom for a great call, can't wait to get on the hunt!!!"

-Rob B.

"One of the best sounding calls I have ever had. Keep doing what your doing."

-Blake H.

*If you want a specific type of wood/surface and it is not listed on the product pages, please contact me and I will let you know what I can get and when I can get it. I can usually get all resources in less than a week.

"A series of events, each caused by the previous one."

Turkey hunting is an addiction!
From the first run of the call to the last gobble of the day, everything is done with pure addiction! Let Chain Reaction Game Calls help fuel your addiction and bring the bird to you! 

"Initiate, Communicate, Terminate!"

All calls are hand made!
At Chain Reaction Game Calls I hand turn every call. From start to finish, my hand is the only hand to touch the calls. No computers! No assembly lines!  Very Reasonable Prices!

If you have a certain call in mind, pleasecontact me.

chain re-ac-tion


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